Direct sale from seller to buyer without intermediaries or commission-based agents.

Blueberry production field with 2 varieties: Duke and Legacy with a 92% packaging percentage, these A quality blueberries have been exported to Asia, Europe and Canada during the last 3 years, mainly.

Farm fully operational: 24 total acres with their respective facilities, machinery, warehouses, etc., 19 of those acres are strictly for blueberry production. The sale will include everything listed above and its corporate name.

The property has no debts or liens of any kind.

Located in the Maule Region (7th Region) of Chile, South America, the farm is 33 kms. from the city of Talca by paved road.

It has non-expropriable water rights registered to Chilean Law with a well of 80 meters deep, and pumps out 10 liters per second.

It also has more than 77 water actions of the irrigation canal Lircay that crosses it from one end to the other.

Those who are interested can contact me directly, the owner, by calling my Chilean cell phones:

+56 9 97991536

+56 9 65885891


or through my email:

It has an updated appraisal from 2019.

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