Finally You Put Our Love On Top🥂🔝🔝✨

You brought the beat in our life babe….

Honey🍯 I can see the stars all the way from here….

Can’t you see the glow on the window pane?

Well, I can feel the sun whenever you’re near, and every time you touch me I just melt away….

Now everybody is asking me why I’m smiling out from ear to ear….?

(They say love hurts)

But I don’t believe that…. (it’s just life)

Nothing’s perfect, but it’s worth it….!

Finally You put our Love on Top🔝🔝🥂✨

Babe it’s You

You’re the one I love

You’re the one I need

You’re the only one I see

C’m on babe it’s you….

You’re the one that gives me all that I need

You’re the one I can always call when I need to make everything stop🛑

Finally You put our Love on Top🔝🔝🥂✨

Babe I can hear the wind whip past my face as we dance the night away, your look tastes like a night of champagne, and I kiss you again and again and again and again….

Babe it’s Me

The one you love

The one you need

The only one you see

C’m on babe I’m yours

The one that gives you all you need of me

I am the one you can always call when you need to make everything stop🛑Finally I put our Love on Top🔝🔝🥂✨











Credit the 3rd📷 to khaled_a_hassan_1

Credit the 2nd📷 to Photographer Owner©️

Love On Tope by Beyoncé

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