We got that sunshine inside our bones, we got that good feeling inside our souls; Life begins when our fears end.


Can’t Stop The Feeling🎶 (Acoustic) Tore Bojsten

We got this feeling inside our bones, it goes electric, wavy when we turn it on all through our bones, all through our souls.

We’re flying up, there’s no ceiling baby when we’re in our love zone.

We got that sunshine, that good feelings in our souls when we feel that hot blood in our bodies drops.

We can’t take our eyes up off it, moving so close, room on lock it while we rock it, so we’re not gonna stop it.

We are under the lights when everything goes, nowhere to hide when we’re getting so close.

When we move we already know….can’t stop this feeling, can’t stop this, just can’t stop.

Nothing we can see but us when we’re so close, feeling good, creeping upon on us imagining all those things we are gonna do to us.

Ooooh! This is something magical, it’s in the air, it’s in our blood, it’s in our hearts, it’s blossom upon on us, we don’t need no reason, don’t need control.

We fly so high, so high baby when we’re in our love zone.

We gone like a rocket🚀, so we’re not gonna stop.

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