It was on a common morning in 2 lost countries where they turn back time. You were sitting in your chair contemplating how your life goes by, and I came to you with my big smile like colorays of a rainbow sun.

I told you don’t ask me so many questios, just take my hands, ‘cause we’re in the year of Ka.

I’m not gonna give you time for explanations, just follow my directions.

I lock you up in my arms to make sure you are in the right direction to your deepest heart. We’re gonna dissapear by the blue tiled walls near the market stalls, and I’m gonna lead you to a hidden door just for you to feel my life, ‘cause I’m like a river running through the year of Ka.

While you look at me so cooly, my eyes shine like the moon in the sky, and I came to you wrapped up in incense and patchouli, so take me to find what’s waiting for you in my inside in the year of Ka.

It’s your choice if you wanna stay or you wanna go away without me in the year of Ka.


Thanks amazing selfies📷 to @karorichsen

Year of the Cat🎶 Al Stewart

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