At the edge of the cliff….or at the edge of Ecstasy?

When I met you it wasn’t clear to me what you had in your plate was there just for me.

Silly of me, ‘cause you know you took me by surprise.

Then I looked and I saw that love message in your eyes.

Here we are livin’ in Ecstasy.

It’s your silence fellings, I don’t know, maybe all your games that make me want you more & more, and have me hypnotized.

The whole you is dancing in my mind, and I know now that I have to catch you and make you mine.

Don’t you wanna just to have the best time of your life by my side?

Here we are livin’ in Ecstasy by just laying down by each other side.

It’s hard for me to concentrate when my mind is thinking just of you.

I’ve got to make sure you are not get away from me, ‘cause after all, I know you wanna stay with me.

All my life I’ve been searching for a star like you are, and now my searching is done, ‘cause here we are livin’ in Ecstasy by each other side.


Thanks amazing📷 through @classy.mkd to the #photographer #owner #Photographerowner

It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me🎶 song by Barry White

Lord knows we livin’ in Ecstasy thanks to our love

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