You know what babe, when you hold me and kiss me slowly: it’s the sweetest thing that I ever feel….And it won’t change.

I have you in my heart, and you would know that you are the coffee that I need in the morning….

You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring.

Won’t you give yourself to me?

Give it all to me, I just wanna see it.

I just wanna see how beautiful you are….

You know that I see it

I know you’re a star

Where you go, I follow you No matter how far….

Oh! You’re the Best Part, and Love don’t rush between us

You are the sunrise to my life, and those sweet Brown Eyes….Oh! Yesss! Those sweet brown eyes are mine….!

You’re the one and only that I desire

When we’ll wake up, and then we’ll make Love, that will make us feel so nice….

You’re my Water when I’m stuck in the desert….

You’re the Tylenol I take when my heart hurts

You’re my Best Part


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