I know that it will sound very funny to you today, but, I just can’t stand the pain of not having you by my side right now….

My Everything, I’m not gonna give up on us, I won’t do give up ever….

You know by now that I’ve done all I can to make you mine….

I’ve begged you, I’ve chased you, and even I tried to forget you….But, forget about you wasn’t easy….

That’s why I’m easy like Sunday morning, just the way you are….

I need your chains on me, oh! that’s what I need right now, and I’ve paid my mistakes to make you mine….

Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be, but I don’t wanna try to fake it, oh! Nope! I won’t….

I wanna be so high just with you my Everything….

I wanna be and feel completely free with you my babe, because you are my precious Sunday morning….


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