Always a sincere Smile and a wise Silence is the best medicine for a broken heart….Ka/.

If your life is not as easy as you want it would it be, You Will Survive, because you have so much love inside of you to give to all….Ka/.



First you was afraid, you was petrified keep thinking you could never live without her/him by your side

You spent so many nights thinking how you did it wrong….

You grew strong, You learned how to carry on with that love….

Now, I’m back from outer space….

I just walked “in” to find You “here” with that sad look upon your face….

Maybe, I should’ve changed my crazy look….

Maybe, I should make You understand so many things….

You will not crumble, You will survive

As long as You know how to love, You will survive, You’ll stay alive, because You have so much love inside of You still to give to all, for sure I know about that👆🏻

Be strong, don’t fall apart, keep trying hard to mend your broken heart….

Don’t cry, don’t spend so many nights thinking what could it be….

And You will see somebody new come to your life, to set you free with all the love for loving you


I Will Survive🎶 by Juliana Aquino

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