Curiosity never kills anything, but a fool kills everything…..

I would really love to be your friend, but, please, you’ve to stop lying, no more lies, nobody can’t stand such a serious, curious, funny, pretty lies…..


Who’s could say what’s it impossible?

Well, they forgot this world keeps spinning and spinning with each every new day, and we can feel the changes in everything that surround us…..

As our skin surface completly breaks reflections fade, but in such a differents ways they remain the same…..

Despite many things, my mind begins to open its wings….

There’s no stop for my curiosity to find serious, curious, funny, pretty lies…..

I would want to turn the whole things upside down…..

I would like to find the things they say just can’t be found…..

I would love to share this love that I found with everyone else, because I wouldn’t want this feeling went away…..

Who could say that I can’t do everything I wanna do…..?

Well, at least I’lI try to do, and as I am rolling in the deep of every situations in my life, I begin to find the things aren’t always just what they seem to be…..

This crazy world keeps spinning time after time every each day once again, and there’s no lufe to waste our precious time on such a serious, curious, funny, pretty true lies…..

Anyway, it all keeps spinning once more again every each day, surounding us once ever again with no mercy left…..Ka/.

Upside Down By Jack Johnson

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